Apply for Artist Alley & Art Trail

The Artist Alley & Art Trail is a place for amateur, semi-professional and professional artists and crafts persons to showcase and sell their work.


Prints, books, zines, games, pins, jewelry, figures, photos or other art pieces. However, it is essential that they are designed and implemented by the applicant. The artist can order his product from a manufacturer.

Unsuitable products

  • Images generated partially or completely with AI
  • Sketched, copied or directly from the model drawings
  • Products that resemble Logo and Trademark products
  • Selling 3D prints designed by others

Application schedule

Application form opens: Monday 1.4.2023 10.00 AM

Application form closes: Friday 26.4.2023 8.00 PM

Link to the application form: closed

Results: Results have been announced by email

Note! The application form requires a Kompassi ID and login. The closing of the application form is timed, so please fill in the form in time.
Apply only to artist alley OR as a vendor.

How to apply

Applying for Tracon’s Artist Alley happens through electronic portfolio and form. Please fill in the form carefully, especially first and last name, email address and link to your portfolio. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes.

If you are applying as a group or with a friend, please fill in the form together. Sending in multiple forms with the same name will result in rejection. We recommend that the maximum number of artists per group is three (3).

Selection Criteria

Portfolios are viewed by jury formed by the Artist Alley’s manager. Jury changes every year. Below are the criteria for portfolio viewing. Please also note the instructions for portfolios.

First time applicants

  • Every year we aim to find new artists to participate on the Artist Alley. Portfolio showcasing readiness for Artist Alley is required for the first timers also. First timer can have experience on other Artist Alleys but not on Tracon’s.

Technical skills

  • Work/art is showcased as the products that would be on sale at Tracon – finished. You don’t have to have the final product yet but separate drafts or first try outs may not be enough to show what the finished products would be. You can however showcase the work at different phases.


  • The work/art shows the artist’s own craftsmanship and style. The products do not copy or imitate licensed products. If you are experienced artist on the Artist Alley, we expect you to have new products to sell.

Tracon’s target group

  • Our target group consist of many series, topics and interests. The Artist Alley cannot consist only of a few topics, and this is why we try to select a wide range of interests. If there are two artists with same kind of products, we will compare them with the criteria above.
  • Theme emphasis of the year: Light & Shadow, fantasy, The Lord of the Rings, dragons. We hope that the theme of the event will also be visible in the sales area, but this is not a limiting factor in the selections.

Instructions for portfolio

Write shortly of who you are, what do you do, what materials you use, what products would be found on your Artist Alley table and how you make them. Original arts and crafts can be described in detail.

The Portfolio should have 8 – 15 pictures of different pieces to show. Pick pieces that you would sell on the Artist Alley. There can be a few pictures about the process of making the products.

When applying as a group please combine your portfolios to one.

Please do not use social media platforms as the base of your portfolio (Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter) etc.) or an art site that consists all of your production.

Artist Alley

Equipment: Light 50 cm x 150 cm, Medi 75 cm x 125 cm or Max 80 cm x 180 cm* + 2 chairs

Days: Saturday, Sunday and Saturday & Sunday
*The table size depends on the day’s selection, which will be distributed during the selection process. The largest table size is reserved for Saturday-Sunday. The biggest tables are primarily given to those who have evidence of a good use of the space of a large table.


In the art alley, there may be a backdrop behind the table. Its width must be no more than the width of the table, and it must not project sharp parts towards visitors. You can build sturdy structures on the table. No additional dimensions may be added to the front, sides or back of the table.

Location and conditions

Taidekuja is located on the third floor of the Tampere Hall.

The price of the Artist Alley table includes one (1) day ticket for the event for that day. There is an upgrade option for the ticket for €20. The Saturday-Sunday table includes one (1) weekend ticket.

Art Trail

Equipment: 153 cm * 75 cm +2 chairs

Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday


You can build sturdy structures on the art trail table. No additional dimensions may be added to the front, sides or back of the table.

Location and conditions

The art trail is located in the park just next to Tampere Hall and is a large tent that is covered, heated and lit. You can reserve your own additional lights (battery-powered). You should also be prepared for the coolness of the mornings and evenings, but also for the heat of the day. In the tent, it is good to be prepared for moisture and protect the paper works appropriately. Unfortunately, Tracon cannot control weather conditions.

In connection with the art trail table, you do not need to purchase a ticket for the event (the park is free entry).

Price list

FridaySaturdaySundaySaturday & SundayDayticket upgrade
Artist Alley90 €80 €150 €20 €
Art Trail30 €30 €30 €


The price of the Artist Alley table includes 1 day ticket. Additional seller tickets in accordance with ticket sales pricing.

The entrance to Art Trail is free, and there is no event ticket to be redeemed in connection with Art Trail.

Opening hours

Artist Alley

  • Saturday: 9:30 – 19:30*
  • Sunday: 9:30 – 16:30

*We reserve the right for changes

Art Trail

  • Friday: 15 – 22*
  • Saturday: 10 – 19*
  • Sunday: 10 – 16

*We reserve the right for changes

Changes, cancellations and attendance

After the apply period ends it is not possible to make changes for the table statistics. Cancellations must be made known as soon as possible. For not showing up without any announcement is written down as information for the next Tracon. If you are late on the day of Tracon without announcement or if you do not show up, the table will be given forward to other artists.

We expect that during the Artist Alley opening hours the artists are at their tables. The estimated opening hours of the alley are shown at the time of applying period. Please note them when applying.


Waitlist will not be published or announced. In the application form, please make known if you are willing to fill in a table even on short notice as the event draws near.

Showcasing Age Limited Art

Tracon is for people of all ages. Please note this in how you showcase your art. Be aware that gore and sexually suggestive art must be showcased in a way that the people visiting the Artist Alley are not exposed to it without their consent. A good way to limit the exposure of the art is the use folders, boxes and other covering techniques in critical places. Folders and boxes must have clear signs of content. You as the artist must be aware of who browses your art and if needed steer the visitor to other products. Selling age limited art to underaged visitors is not allowed.

All art can be showcased in the portfolio.


If you any questions, feel free to contact: taidekuja(at)