If you don’t know Finnish, please use Google Translator to translate the form. 

The theme for Tracon 2024 is Light and Shadow! Presentations fitting to this theme are recommended, but not mandatory! The purpose of the theme is to offer inspiration and ideas for coming up with a presentation! Traditionally, the overarching themes of Tracon are anime, manga, cosplay, role playing games, and other games overall! It is within these topics that we primarily accept programs!

By presenting a program you’ll get to share to our visitors your interests, visions and ideas about anime, manga, role playing games, cosplay, and the myriad of other topics pertaining to such interests!

In addition to just presentations, we are also searching for participating programs, such as games (i.e. board games, card games, miniature games, table-RPG’s, Live RPG’s), competitions, tournaments and workshops, along with many performative programs like music, dance, and other show! We are also always interested about new and innovative formats for programs!

As an example of the type of presentations Tracon has previously had, you can go to Kompassi, and look up schedules for past events. You can also see past presentations held at Tracon from our YouTube channel! A majority of the program is in Finnish, as we have yet to have had as many English speaking presenters at the event, but you have the power to influence that! Do not let the traditional forms of presentations limit your imagination, as we are interested to hear about all new concepts of presenting!

As a presenter, you gain perks by holding a presentation, or hosting a total of at least four hours of a game, be it RPG related or other! The perks include a badge that will work as your entry ticket for the entire weekend, food tickets, and access to the Green Room, and the volunteer thank you party, which is held in a later date after the event!

Please note. For people hosting meet ups, same perks do not apply.

Tracon has access to a large outdoor area in Sorsapuisto, where you can host all kinds of entertainment in specialized tents, as well as a large live stage, or in the park overall! Sorsapuisto is a public access area, so the Tracon Live! -stage is a fantastic place to be seen and heard!