Please note, this translation is advisory, official, and binding in Finnish.

These terms of use apply to the ticket shop of Tracon ry. The ticket shop allows you to purchase tickets for events organized by Tracon ry according to the current price list. The service also offers other event-related products, such as accommodation tickets.

User Responsibility

The user is responsible for the accuracy of the information they have provided.

The user must not act in a way that disrupts or endangers the operation of the online store or its service providers, or that disturbs other users of the online store.

Payment Methods

Products are paid via PayTrail (Paytrail Oyj, business ID 2122839-7) at the time of ordering. Payments can be with Finnish online banking credentials or credit cards. The ticket shop accepts Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, MobilePay, Pivo, and Apple Pay.

Tracon ry reserves the right to cancel unpaid orders one week before the start of an event. This applies to event entry and evening party tickets, as well as accommodation.


Tickets sold through the service are delivered electronically as a PDF file to the email provided by the customer. For floor accommodation tickets, a PDF file is not sent. Instead, the names of the accommodated individuals provided at the time of purchase are added to a list. To claim the accommodation, the persons’ names must be on the list when they arrive at the accommodation, or they must provide the name and, if necessary, the contact details (email address or phone number) of the person who made the reservation.

Only adding a ticket to the cart does not automatically guarantee a ticket. The ticket is considered sold after the payment is made.

Refunds and Cancellations

Canceling an entire order is possible within 14 days of payment with a written request. Once the event has started, cancellation is not possible. Partially cancelling an order containing multiple items is not possible; for example, if you purchase a ticket and accommodation, you can cancel the entire order but not just the ticket or accommodation.

To cancel your order, please contact Tracon ry via email at liput(at) Provide the following details: order number, the name of the person who made the order, and the email address used for the order. The payment will be refunded to the account from which the order was paid. When canceling accommodation, please provide the names of all accommodated individuals.

Equipment Requirements

The service requires a modern browser that has JavaScript and cookies. The service works on both computers and mobile devices.

Tickets require a PDF reader. The user is responsible for obtaining, protecting, and maintaining the necessary software.

In Case of Problems

Please contact liput(at) via email. Include your name, contact details, the email address used for the (attempted) order, and an explanation of the problem. Lack of proper contact information will delay resolving issues and may make it impossible.


Tracon ry is responsible only for tickets and accommodations purchased through the official ticket shop. Tracon ry is not responsible for any reselling by individuals or third parties (such as In problem cases related to resale transactions, we recommend contacting the marketplace or, if necessary, the police.

If you resell accommodation, inform Tracon ry of the new accommodated individuals’ names and contact details via email at liput(at) Mention also the names of the original accommodated individuals and the person who made the order. Tracon ry is not responsible for situations where the names of accommodated individuals are not correctly provided.

Event Cancellation

If the event must be canceled, you can get a refund for ticket purchases by contacting Tracon ry via email at liput(at) An exception is cancellation due to force majeure, such as strikes, war, natural disasters, power outages, government actions beyond the event’s control, revolution, pandemics, or similar events.

Changes to Terms of Use

Tracon ry reserves the right to change the terms of use. The terms in effect at the time of purchase apply to paid products.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes related to these terms of use are resolved under Finnish law.

Handling of Personal Data

Tracon ry takes appropriate care of the processing and storage of customer data. For more information about the customer data collected and stored by the service provider, please read the privacy policy.


These terms of use come into effect on February 29, 2024, and remain in effect until further notice.

The user of the service agrees to comply with these terms of use when using the ticket shop and purchasing products.